The Top 5 IT Staff Augmentation Roles

The Top 5 IT Staff Augmentation Roles

We often get asked which roles are better suited for IT staff augmentation than others, so we’re publishing our Top 5 roles for 2019 based on our experience this year and market research.

Role Selection Criteria
Criteria we suggest for determining when IT staff augmentation makes the most sense for specific project roles:

  • Emerging Tech Skills: if you need an IT professional with a specialized set of skills and experience to match your project in the emerging technology space (i.e. robotic process engineering, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things), it often makes more sense to go the IT staff augmentation route than hiring additional employees to help you maintain a lean and agile workforce while adapting to a rapidly changing technology environment.
  • Resource Availability: when a project is approved, it’s often difficult to find internal employees who can dedicate 100% of time to a project. In many cases, IT employees support multiple projects and don’t have the bandwidth to dedicate to a project full time. If you have a high-profile project that requires dedicated resources to complete the project on-time, IT staff augmentation might be the way to go.
  • Recruiting Ability: if you’re needing project resources with emerging tech skills, relying on your in-house recruiting team or staffing agency to find them might take more time than you’re willing to provide. That’s because emerging technology roles and skills fall outside the company org chart and the network and sources of talent might not be as readily available.

Top 5 IT Staff Augmentation Roles

  • SAP S/4 Hana Cloud Consultant – functional and solution consultants with extensive experience in Finance, Manufacturing, Asset Management and Supply Chain
  • Oracle eBusiness Suite (EBS) Consultant – functional and solution consultants with extensive experience in Financials & Asset Management, Manufacturing, Fulfillment and Inventory Management
  • Data Management Specialist – experienced in analyzing, designing and configuring master data management environments and creating visual analytics in consultation with data governance, data steward stakeholders
  • Certified Scrum Master – certified, experience project managers with experience leads DevOps teams through user story development, scrum planning, daily scrum and stand up meetings, sprint reviews and burndown chart management
  • AI/Robotic Process Automation Consultant – experienced in UiPath, AutomationAnywhere or BluePrism technologies to automate repeatable financial processes and transactions

Independent Pros: An Agile Workforce

For years, Corporate HR departments have been slow to adapt as their workflows, policies and personnel have been deeply rooted in attracting and retaining employee, W2-based IT talent. With the rise of independent IT professionals and staff augmentation firms that specialize in recruiting them, that’s all about to change.

Independent IT professionals receiving a 1099 from the IRS are one of the most abundant, most capable but often most underutilized sources of Agile IT talent in the marketplace today. Since 1994, the number of independent professionals has consistently outpaced full-time employees by 2:1. Independent consultants don’t carry a lot of the same baggage (e.g. benefits, performance reviews, training, etc.) as traditional employees, require little to no red tape to remove or replace and are located in every major city. They’re the ultimate Agile workforce – if you have the right partner to find them.


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